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    future versions of S60 SDK

    Having seen previous versions of Series 60 SDK (up to version 0.9), I have a request for future versions. Could you please make SDK work with local ethernet adapters rather than RAS dial up setup you currently have implemented? While I understand the reasons for original EPOC emulator to emulate just the device, it simply makes no sense now, in year 2002. I've spent countless hours trying to get SDK on the network and I'm sure I'm not alone.

    Please, don't demotivate small developers who can't afford Symbian Platinum program with SDKs that are so limited.

    p.s. does anyone else feel the same way?

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    RE: future versions of S60 SDK


    This feature has been aware and being implementing. Hopefully we can get it done for the Series 60 SDK v1.0 release, and as soon as possible for the N9200 Communicator Series SDK as well.

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