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    Nokia 6260 (bluetooth and PC Suite)

    i just bought my new Nokia 6260, and i have a PC running win XP sp2, my Bluetooth dongle is generic, but i managed to know the manufacturere, who is Microtune. i realized that the WIDCOMM driver is 1.3.

    i am trying to use Bluetooth as a connection medium since i dont have a data cable.

    i installed pc suite 6.4 witch is for the new 6260, and ill i was able to do is a sync and nothing else i cant browse the phone, i cant upload tones or anything. i tried infra red but it goes on and off and it gives me an error message that the pc suite dose not recognize the phone.

    Can anyone help me out?

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    It appears PC Suite 6.4 supports Widcomm BT stack version 1.4. This can very easilly cause such problems. Weird thing though is that the sync application works. You did manage to do the pairing just fine, right?
    Btw, are you able to use the native BT capabilities with the dongle (non PC Suite activities)?

    Are you sure the manufacturer of your dongle is Microtune? It is news to me that they produce such products... Anyway, you could ask if they have new drivers available for it.

    My IrDA has been very stable so I haven't had such problems with my device. I don't know how old sw you have on your device but you could ask you device dealer if there are new sw versions available. Well, your pc infrared implementation can be faulty too of course.

    One more thing, at least with earlier PC Suite versions the installation did "fail" sometimes and if you installed the PCS again it worked just fine.

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