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    upgrading to symbian series 60 release 2

    I am having a n-gage qd which is symbian series 60 release 1 os based.
    I have also downloaded the "Theme Studio" for series 60 devices but this utility is compatible with only series 60 release 2 devices.

    Can i upgrade my n-gage qd OS from series60 release 1 to series 60 release 2

    if yes then how, should i contact Nokia Customer Support.


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    Your phone is based on Symbian OS 6.1 and Series 60 1.2.

    It cannot be upgraded to Series 60 2.0 or later (which uses Symbian OS 7.0s or later). Sorry.

    If you want themes-like behaviour, try SmartLauncher and Skin Editor by SymbianWare: http://www.symbianware.com/index.php?pl=n7610

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    Thanks petrib

    Thanks very much for your reply.

    As you are saying that we cannt install the series 2 os on my n-gage qd,
    Is it a hardware limitation or a software issue
    can u give a light on this.
    I am not a technical guy but i have a curiousity to know how mobile hardware and software works.
    I have read somewhere from the net that we can do the same and only Nokia

    Technical persons can do it.

    I have an another question for you that can I copy my mp3 songs which are 3 or 4 mob in size from my pc

    To my MMC via Bluetooth, can Bluetooth is capable of doing this task to move these big files or should I

    have a MMC reader/writer.

    Thanks again

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    yes you can transfer the mp3 via bluetooth.

    for the upgradation thing it is not a hardware issue.The thing with the mobile phones is that the OS once installed cannot be upgraded because the os is installed in the ROM of the phone which cannot be erased.
    (According to my theory and things which i have learnt).Idon't know from where u read this stuff of upgrading ur os as OS cannot be changed but some modifications can be made in it

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