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    6230 no operator logo anymore

    I've a 6230 and with previuous firmware version 3.17 it was possible to see and modify operator Logo (Italian TIM branded).
    I've made update the mobile to v. 4.44 and seems that there no possibilities to have operator logo.
    In setting of display, as select operator logo it answer me with message "No logos in phone memory".
    I've request from wap site of nokia a operator logo, it arrived and I save it, but nothing has changed.
    I've also tryed with application like MobiMB 2.2 and Oxygen 2.5 but nothing seems to succed in showing the logo on the phone.
    Anyone could help me?

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    Re: 6230 no operator logo anymore

    Hi. I'm from the Philippines and I have recently encountered the same problem. I used to enjoy personalizing my operator logo by just typing-in commands given by my telco provider (Smart in my case) and sent to a given number. In one occassion just after having my 6230 charged, the operator logo just disappeared and was replaced by a "?". I did the operator logo request again via SMS and this time, I cannot save the logo in my phone memory. What could've happened? Do I need to go to the extent of upgrading my firmware just to get this operator logo function back? Any help would be appreciated..

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