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    APIs for accessing SIM and PIM

    Hi :

    I'm very new to Mobile software development, I need to develop a program which can read data from SIM card or phone memory and replace the string by a user defined string. However that string can be again replaced by earlier string.

    Please advise what is the easiest way to implement this. I want to have both the options simple scripting (which can be downloaded from Internet) OR embed in the phone hardware (I understand I would have to discuss with phone manufacturer to do this).

    Pleae let me know APIs provided by nokia to access SIM and PIM values.

    Thanks a bunch

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    Nokia have implemented JSR 75 to provide programattic access to PIM data, which is now available on a number of phones (I'm currently working with the 6255).

    SDKs are now available on the Nokia forum.

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    will it run on.?

    Application develope using 6255 nokia's SDK will is run on the all series 40 mobile phone??
    Please let me know
    as soon as possible


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