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    Picture Message to 3310 ERROR

    I have a problem sending picture message to NOKIA 3310 by using smart messaging.I am trying to send 40*28, 72*14 picture mesage to 3310 with text but the phone shows just the text part of the picture although it understands that the message is picture(asks to save picture..)(3310 just accepted 72*28 pixel picture message with text.)

    But when I send the same picture(with the same hex code) to NOKIA 6210 and 3210 ,there is no problem with them.I can see the picture and the text together.

    Does anyone know how I can solve this problem?

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    RE: Picture Message to 3310 ERROR

    Hi - best guess based on your description is try upgrading the SW of the 3310. You could also try including your hex code here for us to try. (I didn't exactly get whether you're sending 40x28 or 72x14 or 72x28 pictures?)

    -paul / ForumNokia

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