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    Will Nokia always follow others ?

    Now Mega pixel phones are coming

    5 mega pixel by Samsung
    4 mega pixel by Mitsubushi
    and many others

    and with Hard disk too.

    I know Nokia is a world leader in Mobile phones but
    I think it is changing now.
    New features in mobile phones are being introduced by other manufacturer and nokia will follow.

    should we look other manufacturers what new is coming in the market.

    Nokia should take it seriously.

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    at last! someone who sees what i see

    sadly, it looks that way, compare nokia phones with the likes of sony ericsson, seimens and samsung.....

    nokia are releasing too many phones too quickly and the end products that we the customer recieve is bug ridden junk... i recently bought a Nokia 6230 and it was the worst phone i had ever had in my life and ive had about 16 phones to date, bugs everywhere, you couldnt even see who was calling if you used a dark wallpaper, the phone switched off easily enough but half of the time refused to turn back on, sometimes you couldnt delete photos that you didnt want to keep.. i took it back after a few days and exchanged it for a 6600, still not a perfect phone but its better than the 6230.

    compare ringtones.. other companies are using 63 poly tones, nokia give us midi and wav. they keep insisting on releasing phones that apparently play mp3's but only in mono. whats the point in that?? who would seriously sit and design a phone that only plays mono mp3. but not only mono, the phone is only compatable with a single sided earpeice!!!!!! ringtones that can hardly be heard, my 6600 can make the best ringtone sound quiet, lifeless and boringly flat

    nokia need to wake up and look around them, they have been well and truly overtaken by companies who are apparently not as well know in the mobile market, like sagem and LG

    they need to test the phones in the real world, actually get out and about in the real world with them as im sure if someone did that with my 6600 they would have had missed calls on the phone cos the tones cannot be heard.

    i used to love nokia phones, i wish they would get with the program cos i honestly dont want to have to change to another brand, but samsung are releasing a symbian phone that looks hot, it uses nokias symbian s60 platform and i think im about to jump ship...........

    i pay full price for my phones, i dont get contracted phones as often the service provider adds or changes the internal software and it can cause problems, i paid £330 for the nokia 6230 and it wasnt worth a fraction of that, its not only me, visit forums all over the web and you will see complaint after complating about nokia phones. its sad, but true

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