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    Seeking for Help


    I'm new to the Symbian C++ development ..

    I have installed C++ Builder 6 with C++Builder_Mobile_Edition_1.2 ...

    When I compile a default basic HelloWorld Mobile application, I got this error :


    + SDK: Series 60 SDK 1.2 for Symbian OS
    + Project: C:\Symbian\Series60_1_2_B\series60ex\Project\Project_Sources.bpr
    + Target : \Symbian\Series60_1_2_B\epoc32\release\winsb\udeb\z\system\apps\Project\Project.app
    + Current Directory : C:\Symbian\Series60_1_2_B\series60ex\Project\
    + Command: cmd /c perl -S abldb.pl make winsb udeb
    + 'perl' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
    + operable program or batch file.
    + Read buffered data.
    + 0 lines of buffered data.
    + Project Build failed.

    Given that I have installed ActivePerl on my PC, and I have added perl in the Environment Varaibles ..

    How can I solve this problem ??

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    U need to Reinstall the all the stuff fresh

    You do the things following way:-

    !.Install Borland stuff
    2.Install Active pelr stuff
    3.Java Stuff

    Then automatically u r IDE Work properly.After that also if u getting problems change IDE foto CodeWarrior .It is really good for learners and developers.

    Srinvias Nainala

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