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    J2ME application runs on PDA using GPRS Stack accessing Web Server on Internet

    We have developed one application under J2ME environ. for PDAs.

    This application executes on PDA and is using PDA's GPRS stack for sending data to the web server lying on the Intenet backbone.

    Our main objective is to TEST this application on local environment under local intranet as well as on real GPRS/GSM network.

    Anyone can help us by assisting a proper solution for this issue which may have solution for both of our queries listed above, which may use any hardware testing device for real testing over GPRS or any SDK for local Intranet testing???

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    You can use GPRS phone emmulator to test this application over your intranet and for real time you can use any GPRS phone to test your application. I suggest Nokia 7610 as the best to test any kind of GPRS application.
    I hope that this gives you results you desire.

    Best of luck for development.

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