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    Problems with core server in Nokia Activ Server 2.1

    When I try to start my core server I get the error "EMPTY_MAP" ?
    anyone...had this ?
    I've been running Nokia Activ Server 2.0 on Windows NT, and I'm trying to upgrade to 2.1, I succesfully add "Databases" and "Traffic Broker" and they start , then I add "Core Server" succesfully, but
    when I try to start the newly created "Core Server", I get the error message : "Traffic start failed, Component startup failed, Service Handler failed, EMPTY_MAP "

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    RE: Problems with core server in 2.1


    could you be more specific about this? what is "core server"?
    What is the platform? Was the NACS running before, or you're trying to install it?

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