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    Billing and Revenue Sharing

    Hi all,
    I wonder if anybody here has ever dealed with the billing issue of MMS? If so I have a question for you.
    Assume there are two operators A and B with their own MMS center each. And let's assume they are in two different countries.
    If an MMS is sent to a subscriber of A over the MMS center of B what happens? I mean technically MMSC-B forwards the message to MMSC-A as far as I know. What about the billing and revenue sharing?
    Does subscriber of A pays more compared to an MMS sent to him directly over MMSC-A?
    Does operator A pay to operator B? Definitely pays. But is it billed over the size or per message?
    Thank you.
    Alper K. Tun

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    RE: Billing and Revenue Sharing


    You are right in the forwarding issue. That's the way it goes. Message receiver (in this case A) doesn't have to pay anything when he/she receives the message whereever he/she is. This is the situation at the moment. Operators have roaming agreements with each other where they define the revenue sharing. You can ask these from your operator, but I don't think they will discuss about those publicly.

    Best regards,
    V / Forum Nokia

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