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    MediaException: -18


    Sometimes (not always) I get "javax.microedition.media.MediaException: -18" then I try to Start() a Player which was created from MIDI file and no sound is played on the Nokia Series 60 v 1.2 emulator. Is it a problem of this emulator or I'll get sound skips on the real davice too?

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    got the same problem

    hi there,

    2 xdimas: you'll get the same problem on the device, too. at least on 3660 or N-gage, I havent tried other devices yet.

    to my problem:

    I've got the same problem both on the Series 60 emulator from the SDK and on Nokia N-gage. Sometimes a call to .play() for a midi file yields this Mediaexception -18 result. I had no luck finding out what that code should mean.

    Any ideas, anybody?

    thanks in advance,

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