I'm scared about what's nokia doing with firmwares for their I think one of the better phone.
firmware 4.28 had problems with animated pictures on wap. It freezes or restart the phone.
firmware 4.44 cannot use the dot (.) by renaming gallery files.
You cannot change the extension. So when there is a saved file without extension (e.g. from mms) you cannot add the extension so you cannot send it through mms again (format not known).

the operator logo cannot be removed. Saving failed always. From almost 20 links. Every works on other phones. What's other on the 6230 that it don't work ?

the dku-2 cable disconnects and confuses the system after accessing gallery.

what's wrong in nokia ? Why are they doing this.

by the way. right now my phone reset itself after I read a message. with ne 4.44 . Great. STABILITY!!!

bullshit (((

see you