I am having following problems with J2ME:

1) Problem with MMAPI:

I am gettting a MediaException when trying to do the following:

Player p = Manager.createPlayer("capture:\\audio")

I am getting this exception when i try to run my application(compiled with MIDP1.0 and MMAPI) over N-Gage/3650(MIDP 1.0 and

MMAPI supported).

While It works fine with Nokia 6600(MIDP 2.0 supported).

2) Problem with MIDP 1.0

Nokia 6820 is MIDP 1.0, CLDC 1.0 and JSR-120 supported phone. But when I install a simple HelloWorld application created

using MIDP 1.0, CLDC 1.0 and JSR-120 it gives me "File Format Not Supported" Error followed by "ACtivate Content First"

Do any one know how I can activate jar content on Nokia 6820?

Do any one have any idea of what the problems are?

Thank you.