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    Series 90 WINS Emulator networking problem

    Series 90 WINS Emulator networking problem
    I have a problem setting up WINS emulator to work with LAN card of the PC.

    Based on some posts in this forum and Nokia's documentation, it seems that Ethernet plugin is inbuilt into this.

    Here is what I did.

    Configuring Ethernet Network Access Manually (provided with the SDK) to setup the IP address (tried DHCP ).

    Tried to execute httpexampleclient.exe (from the SDK). I always get <unrecogised event -5120> when I try the "GET" command and when using web browser application (provided with the emulator) i get the same result;

    TKS in advanced!
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    Except setting the information you mention, you need to run npacketadmin.exe, and in the GUI you must,
    1) In the adapter selection, select the network card you are using
    2) Press "Set" in the Filter, and check the first 4 options in the setting page, then click OK
    3) In the Status selection, click "Start"

    Now you can try the Ethernet connection in the emulator. You can see the number of sending and receiving packets in the npacketadmin.exe GUI.

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