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Thread: about uid

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    about uid

    I get a uid from symbian.
    I changed my .mmp file and .pkg file with the uid.
    But I don't confirm my change is right.

    My mmp file and pkg file is below. Please see it and tell me whethe the uid is right. Do I need to change other file.

    mmp file

    TARGET Light.app
    UID 0x100039CE(it is created by vc6) 0x102050EF (This uid is come from symbian, it replace the old one wich is created by vc6)
    TARGETPATH \system\apps\light

    pkg file
    ; Light.pkg
    ;Language - standard language definitions
    ;Standard SIS file header

    ;Supports Series 60 v 2.0
    (0x101F7960), 0, 0, 0, {"Series60ProductID"}

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    In .mmp file you should have this:

    UID 0x100039CE 0x102050E

    and don't forget to change the UID also in aif/yourapplicationaif.rss and inc/YouapplicationApp.h...

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    I have find another uid value

    I have find another uid value at C:\Symbian\7.0s\Series60_v20\Series60Ex\Light\group\LIGHT.UID.CPP

    The info below:
    // Makmake-generated uid source file
    #include <E32STD.H>
    #pragma data_seg(".E32_UID")
    #pragma data_seg()

    but the mmp file is
    TARGET Light.app
    UID 0x100039CE 0x102050EF
    TARGETPATH \system\apps\light

    Does 0x0be4e108 at Light.uid.cpp is error?

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    How to use UID's in Symbian Programming

    You must go through with the UIQ2.1 SDK.In all things are available .


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    Each released Symbian platform application needs to have at least one Unique Identification (UID) number assigned to it. This UID is then written to each file created by that application to associate the files with that application. This guarantees that the correct application is used when the file is opened (the Symbian platform does not use ambiguous file extensions for this purpose like other systems).

    For full details on UIDs, refer to the Unique Identifiers chapter in the C++ Software Development Kit Documentation.

    To ensure that each UID is genuinely unique, the Symbian Developer Network allocates UIDs from a centrally administrated database.

    Note: If you want a few UIDs just for development, you can use numbers in the range 0x00000001 - 0x0FFFFFFF. UIDs in this range are for development only and should not appear in any released products. If you do use any development UIDs, ensure that they are replaced by registered values as soon as you decide that they will appear in a final product.

    Ordering UIDs
    Please email uid@symbiandevnet.com with the subject 'UID Request'. Also ensure that you submit the following information:

    Your name or program name (whichever you prefer)
    Your Email address
    How many UIDs you require. You will be assigned a range of ten UIDs. If you require more then please give your reason for requiring more.
    Failure to send any of the required information will cause delay to the process.


    Series 60

    Series 60 v0.9 0x101F6F88
    Series 60 v1.0 0x101F795F
    Series 60 v1.1 0x101F8201
    Series 60 v1.2 0x101F8202
    Series 60 v2.0 0x101f7960
    Series 60 2nd Edition 0x101f7960
    Series 60 2nd Edition + Feature Pack 1 0x101F9115
    Series 60 2nd Edition + Feature Pack 2 0x10200BAB
    Nokia 3650 0x101F7962
    Nokia 6600 0x101F7963
    Nokia 6620 0x1020216B
    Nokia 6630 0x101F7964
    Nokia 7610 0x101FD5DB
    Nokia 7650 0x101F6F87
    Nokia N-Gage 0x101F8A64
    Siemens SX1 0x101F9071


    UIQ v2.0 0x101F617B
    UIQ v2.1 0x101F61CE
    SonyEricsson P80x 0x101F80BE
    SonyEricsson P90x 0x101FBB35


    Hope it will be useful for you

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    btw, LIGHT.UID.CPP is most probably generated so it has no sense to change anything in it...

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