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    6230 and JSR 82 problem

    Hello, I have big problem with my JAVA code on real 6230 phone. My code looks:

    LocalDevice localdevice = LocalDevice.getLocalDevice();
    discoveryAgent = localdevice.getDiscoveryAgent();

    Here I am getting NullPointerException and I can't use JSR 82 on this mobile.

    I have also real N6600 and on this mobile, everything is working perfectly.

    Can someone help me???

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    Are you using Vodafone? I believe they're now blocking some data transfer functionality over Bluetooth/IR (principally so you can't get content onto your phone without going through GPRS) and the 6230 is recent enough that it might have been "enhanced" for Vodafone in this way? Then again, Nokia have been pretty good in the past about not compromising with this kind of helpful operator request... just a thought

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