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    Bluetooth Access Point

    Good morning.
    I have a question about java and bluetooth programming and i think only an expert can give me an answer.
    I have a LAN and a DBT-900AP Bluetooth access point (D-Link).
    I'd like to connect to the Lan with my Nokia 6600, but when i try to connect to the access point, a textfield apperas on mi Nokia 6600 and a PIN code is requested by the Access Point.
    The default PIN is "root". The problem is that with the Nokia 6600 i can only insert numbers, no letters, so i can't use my Nokia i the LAN.
    I think is possible to write a Java program that sends a string containing the PIN to the access point before it requests thw PIN.
    How can i send a string containing the PIN to the access point?
    It has a particular format?
    I hope you to help me and, if you can't, i thank you a lot.
    Best regards.

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    Bluetooth Profiles 1.1 specification, page 28, says:
    "If a device has a fixed PIN (i.e. PIN is stored in the device and cannot be entered on UI level during pairing), the PIN shall be defined using decimal digits. A device that is expected to pair with a remote device that has restricted UI capabilities should ensure that the PIN can be entered on UI level as decimal digits."

    So it looks like the D-Link access point is not complying with the specification. You cannot change the PIN code there?

    Unfortunately there is nothing to do to this from a Java MIDP application, as the PIN codes are handled by the lower level Bluetooth software in Nokia phones.

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    Bluetooth Access Point


    I noticed the same problem while trying to pair a Series 60 phone with the D-Link Bluetooth-to-LAN access point.

    You can change the default PIN code of DBT-900AP with the firm2.exe tool downloadable from ftp://ftp.dlink.co.uk/wireless/DBT-900/.

    Follow the instructions given in the PDF.

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