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    update mmp file using code warrior

    i am using code warrior for UIQ symbian development. Whenever we add a new library name to the .mmp file , how 'll we update the code warrior project files? I know the makmake command we use with VC6.0. But i wonder how to do it with code warrior?
    Please help me?

    binu baby kurian

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    You should post this on CW forum. You will probably get better answers...

    A version of the mmp importer plugin with reimport option is available AFAIK under <CW>\Thrill_Seekers\FreezeDef_ReImport\

    You can try it on your own risk ... Maybe is working better on the new version

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    Check http://www.forum.nokia.com/main/0,6566,034-722,00.html. At KEY FEATURES & BENEFITS section you can see … “MMP re-importer for applying project changes to project files (as CodeWarrior 3.0 pre-release features in the "Thrill Seekers" folder)” …

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