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    How to access internet in the internet in the emulator?

    I try to config the emulator by setupcomms.
    i have followed the below instruction to configure my emulator:

    run setupcomms and choose item a) Modems:

    Set PortName to COMM::<port-number>, e.g. COMM::0 for COM1.

    Set TSYName to MM

    Set CSYName to ECUART

    But when i try to use the dial-up service in the emulator, the emulator just keep on trying to establish the dial up connection.....

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    Ethernet Connection for the Symbian OS Emulator
    This package contains resources and documentation to allow a user to configure the Symbian OS Emulator to connect to Internet through Ethernet. It also contains a CommDB Wizard to be used with the Symbian CommDB Editor in order to simplify this process.


    i hope it is very useful to you

    Rama ///

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