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    copyright information


    how do you set the copyright information for a 3gp video clip ?
    I use Quicktime pro to convert video to 3gp - but if i try to add an 'annotatio - copyright' the file cannot be saved as a 3gp file any more.

    When i look at the 3gp file's details on a phone (6320) - the copyright field is blank - is this meant to hold a name or similar that you can be done for say a quicktime mp4 file ?

    Ive noticed when i created a forward lock (.dm) version of the video clip - the sdk (series 40) will show the copyright field as 'restricted' - so i guess this partly answers my question.

    Is there a way to set this copyright field to anything else ? Like the real copyright information for the video clip ?



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    I have quite a similar Problem. I´m trying to include Meta-Data like "title" and "copyright" into the file. I´m using the helix mobile producer and this software just allows to add "comment" and "summary". But even if I include them, the phone shows "no title" in the player.
    Does anyone know if it´s possible to add a title manual (with an Editor).
    Other player (quicktime, mpegable, nokiaplayer under windows) also never show this Information.

    Hope someone has a solution.

    If someone has a good link to information about the 3gp-File Header I would be very interestet.

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