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    strange WAP behaviour on 6600 and 7650

    I am developing a WAP based application in S60 .The application when loaded on Nokia 7650 works well.But on loading the application to Nokia 6600, i am facing problems.

    The development was carried out on S60 (Symbian OS 6.1 v1.2)

    I checked the APN settings got from service provider for both the phones and observed them to be different.To name a difference, 7650 has a field called session mode (which is set to permanent) while 6600 doesnt have such a field.

    Is the situation in 6600 normal?
    Is there something extra which needs to be done on 6600 which is not needed in 7650?

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    Nokia 7650 uses WAP 1.0 and 6600 WAP 2.0 and XHTML instead of WML.
    There are many differences but I'm not an expert. You should read about WAP 2.0


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