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    Link error when compiling c++ Hello World

    I'am new to Symbian proramming and after fining the article "Getting Started with C++ Development on the
    Series 60 SDK" on the symbian homepage, I tried to follow their stpes on how to create a simple basic application, kind of "Hello World".
    TO create a workspace in VC++ 6 SP 2 worked fine, but after I tried to compile and link the files I got the common link error
    TESTCONTAINER.obj : error LNK2001: Unresolver external symbol ___pfnBkCheck
    for eyery file that is compiled. Compiling the files works also great.

    The project options diaolog of VC++ says that all the needed libraries are included in the linking process, still this error usually only appears if you forget to include the appropriate library.
    I hope anybody knows against which library tio link in order to get the thing working.

    Thanks Michael

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    RE: Link error when compiling c++ Hello World

    Hi Michael
    You have to include *.lib in your .mmp file (eg. LIBRARY test.lib) and save then use the following command line.
    (If u have included some new files to u r project , you have to include that files to .mmp file)

    bldmake bldfiles
    abld build wins udeb
    abld makefile vc6
    Please inform me if it doesn't work

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