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Thread: s60 sdk 1.2

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    s60 sdk 1.2

    I develop a application with s60 sdk 1.2.
    It can run at 3650, which is a symbian 6.1 os handset.
    Please tell me whether the app can run at 6600, which is a symbian 7.0 os handset.

    And do I need to change my pkg file for it runing at 6600.

    Thank you.

    Waiting for you reply.

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    It always depends on the features you are using, but generally it will work. You can take the .sis file created for N3650 and run in on N6600... but in .pkg file should be uid of some higher platform and not specific to one phone...

    This is kind of standard for most application that should run on as much S60 platforms as possible:

    ;to be installed on Series 60 v0.9 platforms
    (0x101F6F88), 0, 0, 0, {"Series60ProductID"}

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