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    marking missed calls as read?


    Is it possible to somehow mark missed calls as read such that the symbol indicating missed calls dissapear and that you don't get a reminder about outstanding missed call when you return to the standby screen?

    I does not seems like that this can be done by simply marking events in the Log engine as "read" with the following statement


    and then performing a update of the event with

    iLogClient->ChangeEvent(event, iStatus);

    (Actually the above might be meaningless as the Log engine seems to mark events as read as soon as they are retriveved through a View. I am not quite sure about this though.)

    It seems like that the Series 60 phones keeps track of the number of "not viewed yet" missed calls and the display of the notification symbol elsewhere. Does anyone knows where and how it can be controlled?

    Thanks for all help!

    best regards,

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    Re: marking missed calls as read?

    Hi kmm,

    Did you find the solution to mark the missed call as read?

    Hope to hear from you soon.


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    Re: marking missed calls as read?

    With ChangeEvent() I also use CRepository::Set(KLogsNewMissedCalls, newNumberOfMissedCounts); and it seems working for me.

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