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Thread: Video Downloads

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    Video Downloads

    We are interested in an video2mobile service that allows users to download content as opposed to streamed content and would like to know whether your company can provide this service. We would like to provide:

    audio visual content downloads
    approx 30 seconds
    video and audio clips downloads (not streaming)
    over GPRS and/or
    over 3g
    to be be accesssible by as many handsets as possible
    encoding software
    delivery solutions

    Please can you let me know if Nokia helps with this or if you know any other companies that provide this service?



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    Video content production and delivery

    Could you please specify what kind of content you want to be provided with [educational, entertainment,etc] and is it a one time deal or is it an all time process. there are a couple of companies that could provide these services for your company, It is also a question of your location, diffrent companies in different locations

    Also, the most commonly used video formats for mobile devices are 3gpp and mpeg4 and all 3g devices shd be able to support atleast one if not both.

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