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    D211 SW 1.41 beta SIM autentication problem

    I'm using D211 with latest SW 1.41 beta in Win2K laptop.
    This SW 1.41 beta becouse otherwise D211 doesnt connect to Linksys 54G Access Point (WPA, Wifi Protected Access).

    Anyway this SW 1.41 beta generates another problem. It seems that with SW 1.41 beta D211 doesnt prompt to accept SIM Autentication which is used by ISP's WLAN Hot Spot services.

    Orginal SW 4.33 promts ok and autentication works, but SW 4.33 doesnt works with WPA supporting AP's !

    Any comments from Nokia Support or from other users etc ?

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    Driver only, without nokia manager please

    Hi Nokia Support Team,

    I also want to use D211 without installing the Manager, as the manager catch all the incoming SMS.

    Please tell me if there any Visual C /C ++ sample code for SMS application with database connection ?

    Please tell me how to send licence details for the D211 Card.

    Please email dinny@seito.com.hk

    I look forward to your prompt reply.


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