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    eclipse doesnt recognize my emulator

    I've already installed nds v2.2 and make download nS40_jme_concept_sdk_b0_3. when i try to integrate with nds v2.2, eclipse doesnt recognize my emulator. it happens with other skds like s60 2.1, s60 1.2.1

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    I'm getting a very similar problem:

    I am using Eclipse/EclipseMe 6.1 to develop my Series 60 midlets and i have installed Sun's Wireless Toolkit 2.0 as my emulator. However when i try to emulate my midlets using Series60_MIDP_SDK_2_0_for_SymbianOS as the device I get the following error in the console: Emulator: Missing JAR file. The midlet compiles and packages without any problems and i'm able to run it when using Series_60_Concept_SDK_Beta_0_3_1_Nokia_edition but with anything else i get the same error.

    I will be eternally grateful for any light anyone can shed on this matter as it's driving me mad! Please help!

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