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    Small job -> Demo Application ??


    I'm representing a client in the uk that is looking to get a small demo application built. This application must be capable of running on a nokia series 40 and series 60.

    It is not a game but will involve some sound and graphics.

    The program will be built in j2me and my client would want to own all the source code for the application.

    Demo needs to be completed by first week in december.

    Would this interest you ?

    Best Wishes

    Tim Myers

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    I Think you could be more specific.

    What exaclty do you need?

    Anything that have some graphic and sound that may act as a tutorial, or something already definied (and unpoken) application.

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    The program will be capable of showing different graphical images ( products ) and a caption. There will be a details button that you will press to get more specific information about that product. That will be it for now.

    At the start will be a splash screen which would play a very short signature tune.

    If the demo is a hit with my clients partners then more work will be involved. Obviously the person/company that does the initial coding would be in a good position to secure further work.

    We have some technical specifics, but there appears to be little point in going into them at this point.

    I'm looking to build some solid business relationships with developers in your part of the world / russia and far east.

    What do you think ?


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