I have become interested in learning how to devolop simple applications for my nokia 6010.

I have a decent understanding of basic programming concepts... I program in C++ and Java. However, i have no experience writing/development for anything other than computers (ie not phones).

I normally program w/ net beans for Java, which is what I am assuming I will be working w/.

I have download nokia's SDK as well, but am wondering (these are all stupid, basic quetions, sorry)

1. what compiler would you recommend?
2. what type of file/compiled file do the phones need? (for instance, my nokia 6010).
3. what do I need to transfer applications to my phone to test them?
4. can i get an emulator for nokia's SDK that will emulate my phone specifically?
6. any tutorials that will walk me through start to finish, creating a application for a phone?
7. finally, any reference library online that explains all of the methods/functions that the phone understands?

if anybody can answer any of those questions, i would really appreciate it for now, i will just learn w/ trial and error..

Thanks for your time!