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    The correct meaning of MAX JAR size

    Hi, all.

    I saw technical device specifications on some nokia devices.
    I am planning development and deployment of some java games.

    But I am newvie in GSM environment.
    I am korean developer, korean market is based on CDMA.

    In the technical specification, there is some section on Java requirement as follows.

    Nokia phone spec
    Heap size: 512 KB
    Shared Memory for Storage: 3.5 MB
    Max JAR Size: 128 KB

    As my understanding, the heap size may be the available RAM size.
    BTW what is the correct meaning of MAX JAR size?

    If some JAR file size which I want to deploy is larger than Max JAR size of some device, it cannot be downloaded and installed via OTA in device?

    otherwise even if large JAR file may be installed via OTA, it cannot be run in device?

    For example, if my java game size is 400kbytes, can it be deployed in above device?

    Would some one be so kind as to explain the correct meaning and relationship of MAX JAR size and heap size for the deployment in device?

    In korean java market, as I know there is no restriction on the JAR size and there are sufficient heap size( 500k ~ 2 mbyte ).

    Thanks in advance..

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    Maximum JAR size is the largest size of JAR that can be installed to the device. So if your JAR is 400k, it cannot be installed to a phone with a maximum JAR size of 128k. The phone will reject the JAR, and will not even download it.

    As an aside, 400k is HUGE... I know of no commercial Java game here in Europe of that size. Most GSM network operators here wouldn't even carry it, so far as I know.


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