My project is partly involving a PocketPc PDA connect to 3650 phone via bluetooth. It is requested that 3650 phone should programatically enter the passcode in order for the PocketPC to pair with the phone without user interruption. The problem
I ran across is that I am not able to tell when this event will happen. I used RSystemAgent and TSysAgentEvent in my application, and hoping that my iSysAgent.NotifyOnEvent(iSysAgentEvent) status could be completed. The UID of the iSysAgentEvent is the bluetoothstatus UID, but when the pocketPC is trying to pair with the phone, the notificiation
request is never completed. The same code is verified via a bluetooth enabled PC or phone, and it works fine when pairing with the phone. One obvious difference is that if the bluetooth enabled PC or phone tries to pair with another phone, on the top-rightmost corner of the screen, there is a radio icon shows up, meaning that the bluetooth connection is established. But, if the PocketPC is trying to pair with the phone, no radio icon showed up.I am perplexed at this and wondering if anyone has
done this before can share some insights with me? Am I on the right track for this? What are the alternatives I can do?
Any help is highly appreciated.