I have been playing around with the JNI under the personal profile on the S80 SDK.

I managed to get some simple examples of JNI working fine, but get EUSER-Base 44 panics if I try to do things like open the phone book. I eventually tracked this down to the fact that there isn't an active scheduler installed when running under JNI. Trying to create and install an active scheduler however, also causes the thread to panic.

Eventually i managed to get something working by having my native function create a new thread. This new thread was then able to create an active scheduler, and I was then able to open the phone book. The question I have is: "Should I be able to create an active scheduler in a native function ?"

Is it a bug in the JVM that causes the panic (in which case it might be fixed), or is a "feature" that I need to perminately work around ?

Thanks for your help.