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    Audio file conversion for 6230

    I have a number of audio files I want to use in midlet games.
    These are in au, wav, and mp3 format.

    Is there any easy way to convert these to something the
    6230 midlet will play?

    Only supported players are x-tone-seq, midi, and sp-midi.

    Is there any plan to bring the 6230 in conformance with the
    specification, which requires any device with an mp3 decoder
    to have an mp3 player?



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    Convert sounds to midi would be my suggestion.

    You could use Sound Forge if you can afford it, or use tools like
    http://www.convert-ringtones.com/ or download an eval. version of their software.

    Run a google search for wav to midi/mp3 to midi etc.

    Just make sure they are the right number of channels and they aren't too big. 1 second midi shouldn't be over 500 bytes or so in most cases.

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    yeah, tons of converters out there. try download.com too...just watch out for those programs that bundle spyware and other software with their programs.

    good luck

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