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    Capture Event from the Dial pad

    Hello Developers,

    I have made my own Edwin control for Series 60 phones. I am trying to capture key events from the dial pad .
    The problem i have is i can not capture the second or the third character of a perticular key.

    I did use the iRepeats to track the number of times the key was pressed , but the output i get is max's the key was pressed is twice. This is when key is pressed for a longer time.

    e.g Key- (2abc) i cant capture 'a' or 'b' or 'c' . How can i capture it and print it in my edwin control.
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    The conversion from "key" to "char" is managed by the active FEP. See the FEP example published on Forum Nokia. Then decide if you need to make you control FEP aware or you need your own multi-tap engine.

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