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    Final Word on J2ME Vibration (please confirm)

    I would love for Nokia to comment on this since I have some business decisions to make regarding this.....

    After searching through the Nokia boards over the last three days, I am still trying to figure out which Nokia devices do or do not properly implement MIDP 2.0 vibration calls (display.vibrate(1000)). I have read that all series 60 phones do not implement MIDP based vibration. Some newer posts have contradicted this. What about series 80 devices?

    Can someone PLEASE comment on the following:

    With J2ME code, can I vibrate:

    1. NEW series 60 devices(e.g., 6620, 6630, 6670) or has Nokia deemed the series 60 to be vibration inoperable with J2ME.

    2. Series 80 devices?

    3. Will any future releases of series 60 or 80 allow for J2ME coded vibration?

    4. If the answers to my above questions is no then I would love to hear the rationale since other MIDP 2.0 devices (Sony P900, P910, PANASONIC X700) seem to allow vibration.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: Final Word on J2ME Vibration (please confirm)

    Does symbian^3 devices (c7 n8 etc) support vibration?

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    Re: Final Word on J2ME Vibration (please confirm)

    Hi karunesh.kaushal,

    Yes they do support vibration. You can implement the effect using Nokia UI API.

    try {
            DeviceControl.startVibra(100, 500);
    } catch (IllegalStateException  e) {

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