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    I'm trying to use flashBacklight to keep the Nokia 6600 light on when playing my game. Is this possible? At the moment the backlight just flashes on and off.... is there a way to keep the backlight constantly on using this MIDP 2.0 function?

    Also, once I quite the game the backlight is no longer enabled when a key is pressed. It seems that calling flashBacklight has stopped the backlight.

    Any help would be welcome.

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    I have a Nokia 6230. I know, you don't, but I'll try to write you what I found out.

    If I use "flash" the lights will only flash once. But if I want to have constant backlight, I use:


    ...in each redraw loop. it is a terrible programming trick, but at least it works.

    You will have to use
    import com.nokia.mid.ui.DeviceControl;

    i don't really know the 6600, but as we both use MIDP2, something like this should be the solution.

    Hope this helped a bit.

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