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    Communicating with a Remote GSM Camera Phone

    Does anyone know of a GSM mobile camera phone that can be accessed remotely via a pc/modem or sms for remote picture downloading?
    ie Dial up the remote mobile camera phone from a PC via a modem, then from the PC send a command to initiate a picture download to the PC.
    OR can a java program be created to carry out this functionality in a java enabled mobile camera phone.
    Nokia has the new PT-6 coming out soon but looking for an alternative know.
    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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    Any Symbian operating system based phone with the camera APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) can be used for that.

    There are already many applications for that type of things for at least Series 60 based phones.

    See these two for starters:
    Mona: http://my-symbian.com/7650/applicati...Auto=329&faq=2

    Digia ImageSpy: http://my-symbian.com/7650/applicati...Auto=228&faq=2

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