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    about the calling function!!

    I am reading the Nokia series60 Examples---Dialer, the dalling fuction didn't work well when I run the Dialer Example. Who know someting with that?
    The code is following:

    void CDialerAppUi::DialNumberL(const TDesC& aPhoneNumber)

    //Open a new call on this line
    TBuf <100> newCallName;
    User::LeaveIfError(iCall.OpenNewCall(iLine, newCallName));
    //newCallName will now contain the name of the call

    //Dial a number
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~It stop here!
    and the Emulator is seems busy!

    iCallActive = ETrue;

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    RE: about the calling function!!

    I've seen this. The emulator is (currently) unable to handle the Dial function. However, when I compile and run this example on the target it works fine. I guess the emulator is having a hard time pretending to be a phone !

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