I want to get response body data after sending a post transaction via Http.
after starting the post transaction ,
I get to the relevant event but get an error ("App closed !) when trying to retrieve the data itself .
I mentioned where the error occures in the code below.
important - if I show only the length in the info message , it shows that I get data of 291 bytes long, and I also get to the complete successfuly event .

what should I change/add ???
Thanks a lot , TE
case THTTPEvent::EGotResponseBodyData:
		MHTTPDataSupplier* body = aTransaction.Response().Body();
		TPtrC8 dataChunk;
		TBool isLast = body->GetNextDataPart(dataChunk);
		TBuf<256> text;
		_LIT(KBodyPartReceived, "%d bytes received , data : %S ");
		TBuf<32> dataChunkBuf;
		// **** here the application closes - when trying to do the Copy ****
		text.Format(KBodyPartReceived, dataChunk.Length(),&dataChunkBuf);
		HBufC* buff = HBufC::NewL(text.Length());
		buff->Des() = text;
		iController->InfoMsgL(buff); // this is a simple method which shows the buffer as a info message
		if (isLast)
			_LIT(KBodyReceived,"Body received");