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    Succesfull socket Connection But.....

    Hi ,
    I can suceesfully coneect to theremote server and download the xml file, I have used sdk example socket connection...make some changes and used that. Now problem is that when SocketReader class return to SocketEngine after dowloading the file...then before calling disconnect function...i had used a ..AlertWin...like this............."CEikonEnv::Static ()->AlertWin (_L("File Downloaded")) ;" and called Disconnect function .......but if i remove that AlertWin some how my code stuck into Disconnect only......I dont know why this is happening. Please help me.

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    Socket Client


    I am also trying to make the socket client. The example "Series 60 socket client" works fine for the SDK 2.1 but in my case it is not running on SDK 2.0 (error -1). If you can please tell me what changes can i do to make that example work then I will be obliged.


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