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    how to package wav files? (urgent)

    Hi all,

    I m developing an audio module wherein i need to package wav files with the application. I m writing the code for the same in bld.inf file under the caption PRJ_EXPORTS and also providing the SOURCEPATH AND RESOURCE attributes in the .mmp files. but i m not able to play the sound on the device (7610).

    Following is my code in the bld.inf


    ..\wav\play.wav ..\wins\c\system\apps\sound\play.wav
    ..\wav\record.wav ..\wins\c\system\apps\sound\record.wav
    ..\wav\mainstream.wav ..\wins\c\system\apps\sound\mainstream.wav

    Can anyone pls hlp me as to wat i shud specify in the .inf and .mmp files so that the sound plays on the device.

    pls note that the code works verywell with the emulator and i m able to play sound on emulator.

    Thanking in advance,

    -- Gaurav.
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