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    bh4-x trial driver

    im a university student currently working on my bachelor degree project about advertising in bluetooth..... i don't have a bluetooth phone and intended to use nokia emulator. as far as i know that this emulator just support HCI uart protocol but i just have a usb dongle bluetooth...... i have seen that bh4-x can emulate a uart from usb..... but it cost 30 bucks .... i don't have any budget on this... do somebody can provide a trial version or demo version pls ..... i will be appreciate..... thx so much ....

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    I don't think you need the driver

    >i don't have a bluetooth phone and intended to use nokia >emulator.

    Nokia provide two kinds of emulators, Concept SDk and real SDK. For Java (I only know Java), When using a MIDP Concept SDK emulator, you can execute two emulators on the same PC and simulate Bluetooth traffic between them.
    When using a MIDP SDK, you can test applications between the emulator and real Bluetooth devices.

    see, if you don't have a bluetooth phone, it's no use for you to have that driver.

    >do somebody can provide a trial version or demo version pls .....
    The bad news is that the verndor-cyberabi has no trial or demo version, I don't think anybody in this forum can make one.

    If you can decribe your project a little detail, the developers here maybe can find magic way to help you instead of making that driver.

    Good luck.
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    i need the driver because of i don't have any bluetooth enable phone.... so i want to simulate the real bluetooth connectivity from the emulator (not virtual). my project is about positioning based on bluetooth that require me to extract real bluetooth link quality value..... so if i use the virtual environment i won't be able to extract that parameter value.
    in this project, there is a server application and client application. Both will communicate through bluetooth.... the client application will be the phone and the server application i will use jsr 82 api for j2se.

    currently im having trouble with the client application because of the bluetooth phone. So i decided to use a emulator that can access a real bluetooth (nokia emulator) but i don't have a serial port bluetooth but just a few of usb dongles...
    from the forum i know that bh4-x driver can emulate usb to uart protocol that is the stuff i need... any body can help me pls....
    btw thx for the reply....

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    Nokia Connectivity Framework provides a Bluetooth simulation between two emulators on PC - without Bluetooth HW.

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