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    TCP/IP over GPRS

    Does 7650 support TCP/IP over GPRS?

    I have GPRS Access Point set up, and uses
    RSocket to connect to server. It seems only allows
    me to chose from DialUp connections. How can I
    specify GPRS connection to be used for RSocket?

    Thanks for your help!

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    RE: TCP/IP over GPRS

    Perhaps you should use RGenericAgent and Co. for establishing a connection. I see that you do not want to deal with connection management, but maybe you have no other choice, though I'm not sure about this.
    Anyway, it seems to me that RGenericAgent is able to create a connection, I don't know how it can be parametrized, though. But, if there's an active CSD-like connection (such as CSD or HSCSD), the class can observe it and notify you if something has changed with the connection. And, of course, if there's an active GPRS connection, it's only good for you.


    Ps.: I'm planning to write another question about TCP/IP over GPRS and it's about observing the availability of GPRS connection.

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