unfortunately I can't find a forum that deals with PC Suite, so I hope someone can answer my question here.

Recently I got a firmware update for my 6230 from v3.14 to v4.44.
Of course, before that I made a backup of the data with PC Suite 6.1.008 (Content Copier, .nfb and .nfc files) to my PC.

After the update I installed PC Suite version 6.4.8.

Since that, I haven't been able to restore the saved data to my mobile. The Blutooth connection is established, the transfer starts, but after some seconds, the blue progress bar halts at about 10 % of its way. After another several seconds, I get the error message "The connection to the mobile was lost" (not literally, but translated from German).

File transfers, using the mobile as a GSM modem on the PC and syncing with Outlook work fine.

I use an Epox USB Bluetooth dongle BT-DG02A with Windows XP SP2 and its integrated Bluetooth software.

The German Nokia hotline was no help, all I was told was that "maybe (!) there is a problem with the .nfb and .nfc file format from version 6.1.008 to 6.4.8 or from firmware 3.14 to 4.44". They have neither access to the file format specification, nor can they provide a tool like zip or tar to locally unpack the files stored in their proprietary format in the.nfb/.nfc files on the PC.

Any words of wisdom?