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    Php Problem: cannot load http://www.aaa.com/op.php 500 server error

    i am trying to connect php web page in NMB 4.0

    i am getting the following error

    Php Problem: cannot load
    (HTTP Error 500 server error)
    Under openwave browser i can view the page correctly.
    i have con figuerd .htaccess for php file below
    addType application/x-httpd-Php .php

    thanks in advance

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    You should check your error.log file. If you get 500 this means internal server error. Either is it in your web server's log file or in your gateway's.

    Think of the fact that you need text/vnd.wap.wml mime type, and not text/html which is the default for php. Put following in your

    php_value default_mimetype text/vnd.wap.wml


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