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    Nokia Developer Program Membership Questions

    I'd really arppeciate it if anyone could answer the following questions about Nokia's developer program:

    1. Does Nokia offer different levels of membership and what is the annual cost associated with each level of membership?

    2. What are some of the key benefits members receive if there are different levels of memberships, specifically what type of additional technical and marketing support, conference participation and early access are included at each level.

    3. Last, what does Nokia charge to test and certify under the Nokia OK program?

    Thanks in advance.

    Los Angeles, CA

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    RE: Nokia Developer Program Membership Questions

    Hello Kirk,

    Nokia doesn't offer different membership levels. All members of Forum Nokia have equal access to all resources. Apart from tools, SDKs, examples and documents we have both free and fee-based support. See section Developer Support at Forum Nokia. In the business side we have Club Nokia, Nokia Software Market and Nokia Tradepoint, where developers can sell their products.

    Product programs for new products do invite select developing companies to participate in pre-release programs. The companies are selected according to what are their specialities relating to the product program. For example, if a phone includes MIDI ringing tones, a company with experience with MIDI tones might be invited to participate.

    Nokia OK certification costs currently USD400. Seek Forum Nokia -> Nokia OK.


    Petteri / Forum Nokia

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