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    SIP Problems - Registration Failed

    I'm trying to get the SIP plugin installed on my phone to send a SIP REGISTER but without any luck. Everything is working fine on the emulator, but not on the handset.

    I'm using the latest SIP plugin for Series 60
    and the handset that I'm using is a 6620.

    I've create a new Sip Profile that points to our own Registrar but that's not working. When looking at our logs we're not seeing anything coming from the phone.

    Can someone give me a detailed Profile configuration that I could use to test a profile?

    Is there something that I need to configure differently on the handset than on the emulator?

    Our service provider (Rogers in Canada) actually performed network traces and they don't see anything from our device, so at this point I'm suspecting the SIP stack isn't even working properly?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    first you need to install the SIP stack onto your phone, if it doesn't have one. then your SIS must include an installer thing, look at the pkg file from example (for SIP plug in 1.0/2.0). third, you need to have a public IP on your phone in order to connect back to your SIP server; otherwise the SIP server will remember a fake IP of your phone, and INVITE will not work

    hope this would help a bit


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    SIP Registration

    First, is your 6620 connecting to the network? If so, the little G under the signal strength indicator will have a square around it.

    Second, where is your server? If you're using the server emulator, it's probably behind a firewall, which usually can't handle SIP messages.

    Either way, the SIP stack on the 6620 is(probably) not going to recognize the registration. The SIP stack will reject the 200 OK message from the server if the address in the SIP message has been translated.

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