I'm using the D211 for GPRS connections to the Internet. As long as I'm not moving and the signal quality is 100%, the connection is perfectly stable. As soon as I begin moving (e.g. riding a train) or try to connect at a location with just 60% or 80% signal quality it becomes very unstable. The connection stalls, meaning that it does not disconnent, but there's no more data sent/received. To resolve this problem, reconnecting usually does not help, I have to pull out the card and plug it back in to try again.

When I use a Nokia 6600 via Bluetooth GPRS connection instead, it works flawless, even on the very same train. The network coverage is not the cause.

I'm using the D211 with latest firmware (4.01) and I tried the stable and the beta drivers for XP. I used three different D211 cards, the problem occured with all of them.

Does anyone experience the same kind of problems? My bet is that this is a driver issue, is there hope for a fix?