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    Sync 9210 and Outlook contacts

    After several calls and trials I discover that some 9210s have sync software incompatible with PC Suite Nokia 9210!!
    To check if the 9210 software is the correct one type *#0000#.
    The display should read V 0413, 18-12-01, RAE-3. If not, the software should be changed at a Nokia Centre, and that is what I did.
    However, I would like now to be able to better coordinate the transfer of contacts fields from 9210 to Outlook and viceversa.
    Is there any way of indicating whic fields from 9210 should go to which fields in Outlook?. What happens now is that the fields not always have the same name and then they are not transferred back from Outlook to 9210.

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    RE: Sync 9210 and Outlook contacts

    Just saw this after posting my own question on the subject. I've got v 05.33 10-04-02 RAE-5, which is obviously much newer than the one you mention. I was losing data and adding to the wrong records until I stopped sincing pending a solution. Now I can't seem to find any info on this or an update for PC Suite. HELP!!

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    RE: Sync 9210 and Outlook contacts

    Could be good for you too: The best way seems to use Outlook to get a contact list appropriate for Sync:save your contact file just in case in a backup; use the export function for exemple in excel format for your contacts file; then use the import function towards a Nokia specific contact file, and select the set of appropriate field mapping, for exemple first name in front of names and name in front of fist name; import; you can even select only the fields you are intersted in and then synchronize in your phone from this Nokia file (selection of the file may be done in the Outlook set from the Sync properties window, when lauching the sync. At least it works with 6310 and Outlook 2000. Hope it will solve your problem

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